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Friday, April 8, 2011

1 poeming update...

it's day 8...and no i have yet to write today's poem...but i have managed over the previous seven days to write at least one poem a day.  in fact, on more than half those seven days, i have written two poems every day...that doesn't include the two tweetoetries i wrote on day 5.  All of them have been (one way or another) in response to prompts from my "When the Gloves Come Off.." list located in the right side bar (toward the bottom).  looking back over the past three months, i noticed that only eight times did i write a poem that was not (in one way or another) a response to a prompt.  that would be eight out of approximately 60 poems.  that equals approximately 13%.  i'm not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing.  the prompts make me look beyond myself and i enjoy writing them (even when the ideas don't flow right away and let things stew awhile).  and it's not like i lost myself at all; i'm hidden within the words of each poem. 

i don't know.  maybe i just feel lost today and this was something tangible that i could grab onto (like a tree in the forest) until i'm found again.  i still have to write today's poem, but my mood is not very welcoming at the moment.  there are two prompts today that could help get the creative juices flowing, but i just can't seem to dredge up the energy to get enthused by either today.  but the day is not over...and i have no intentions of missing a we'll just have to wait and see...

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