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Sunday, April 3, 2011

0 plunge into nonexistence

i watched the ripples on the surface
as i sank into nonexistence
concentric circles
spread far beyond my reach
fading into the distance
until they too were nonexistent
so mesmerized by this was i
i barely noticed the true picture
yes my reach was limited
immense waves did not gather
the world was not swallowed whole
by my enormous waves of existence
the loss of my touch was not felt
save for those ripples closest to me
though the smallest circles
their height was something to marvel at
within them they held those most touched
the impact my plunge
into nonexistence had on them
went beyond reason
and while they'll never know
a life different from theirs
one empty of me
i can see quite clearly to the surface
of what is and what was
the only true question as i sink further down
do i allow myself to be swept away
or do i fight for the world that should be?

so, day 3 and i've managed to stick to my adopted April rule.  today, i even find myself penning twice.  the key is to remember that this does not mean i can use an extra poem as an excuse to not write one on a different day.  anyway...

Poetic Asides' challenge was to think of what life might be without you (well i suppose i should say 'without me').  i truly cannot begin to fathom what a world without me would be like.  for all i know is what i would miss out on, not necessarily the impact it would have on others.  nonetheless, the first two lines popped into my head early on and i figured instead of wasting them (after all, i did write my one poem for the day), i let them spread across the contours of my imagination.  

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