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Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 Don't Speak the Truth, Just Fabricate

don't speak the truth like a disguise
meant to cover up untold lies
i don't want shallow accolades
there's no need to play such charades
stop dressing up your words it makes you seem uncouth
quit pampering me with small truths...don't speak the truth.

just fabricate some crazy tale
full of elaborate detail
i want it to smell of deceit
there is no need to be discreet
as peculiar as this sounds your lies will inflate
on this point i'm adamant, please just fabricate

so i managed to finish the poem i tried so hard yesterday to put together.  it is my second attempt at a wrapped refrain, my second response to yesterdays Poetic Asides' challenge and my intended first try at Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>adamant, fabricate, peculiar]...i almost forgot to fit peculiar in...  i think i like the first stanza better than the second...the fist just feels stronger to me...and i'm not a hundred percent sure the second is strong enough to stand with it...but please feel free to tell me whopper and say they fit perfectly together...  


  1. I find it odd to think that someone would prefer deceit and flattery, rather than the truth - but that's me I guess; a bit old-fashioned! Did you mean 'quit' rather than 'quite' in the first stanza?

  2. Yes, it was an interesting angle to want to be deceived..sometimes the truth hurts though..Jae ;)

  3. The truth is painful sometimes but necessary. Love your take on this though

  4. This sure calls out the deceiver! Great perspective. Here's mine: