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Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 threes

she has been
since first
she discovered the lie
broke her teeth on it
and cried

you wouldn't know it
to look at her
she conceals it well
her unruly main
hides the three earrings
her painted face
covers her third eye
which she makes a fortune
telling off of

she has been
since first
she uncovered the lie
wrote an epitaph to it
and laughed

some say she's gifted
blessed in threes
only she knows the truth
scoffs at it
dares it to strike
the only future
she knows for certain
she'll meet head first
three times before anyone else

Photo by Fee Easton
i blanked...i looked at the image and one might think, i'd be taken by the ghostly white painted face, the unruly mop of hair, the nonchalant yet daring tilt of her head, or the cigarettes that protruded from her lips, but no, i found myself quite taken by the number three.  she faded into the background almost disappearing as the number jumped forth and took over.  the first poem to come forth had absolutely nothing to do with her.  yet she haunted me, and after a while the short poem i wrote became hers as did the obsession.  i'm not sure about the poem those two things birthed, but i'll let you make of it what you will.

her epitaph...

the owl lied
it takes far more
than just three

inspiration for the poems above comes from One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with Fee Easton].


  1. I like the image of life in threes..her third eye and earrings....and her epitaph...unique take really enjoyed it...bkm

  2. Great, one of the most original works pertaining to this. Superb stuff.