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Sunday, March 13, 2011

1 Batch #4

Bursting with Pom Seeds
(image by rmp, that's me)
truth be told, there is not much to report on the Pom Seed front.  since Batch #3, i think i have only managed to add one more potentially tasty treat.  instead, i have manage to inundate my twitter account with tweetoetry.  and if that wasn't bad enough, ramblings have managed to make an appearance as well.  i suppose that these ramblings have the potential to turn into something more and thus could be considered a pom seed, but that was not the intent upon writing them.

not only have pom seeds been scarce, but i have yet to swirl the tasty treats and inhale their fragrance to discover if they have ripened to perfection yet.   anyway, here goes...

Pom Seeds Batch #4

  • I will live forever like this; in shadows of who I long to be


  • ~ why do I live like this? one pill...many pills...I need to find an answer (thoughts of a poem lingered in my head upon writing this, With Every Word... In Every Action...)
  • I don't have any thoughts lingering in my head ~ Is that what peace feels like? 
  • ~ her giggles are like candy ~ 
  • anxiety's peace ~ tastes like profanity ~ on virgin lips (thoughts of calling this a poem in its own right still lingers)
  • forgive my lack of social graces... (part of a recent ramblings post, social-less soul)

  • Information overload
  • I woke with rose colored glasses and the world was as only I could dream it to be
  • we were never friends; not really; how could we be; when all we did; was dance around each other
  • my mom use to day; we're never lost; we're just misplaced
  • i hate days like today; where i'm blindsided; punched in the chest; days when all i want to do is curl up into a little ball and disappear
  • "you're growing."; am I? I don't think I'm growing; maybe just walking outside myself
  • my heart aches for what was; as the world crashes in on me; ripping through me; as though I were a speck of dust; I weep for you (realized shortly after the Batch #3 post that this was not intended to be a pom seed, but rather a tweetoetry, so it will be joining my tweetoetries in this update.)
  • love is pain and sorrow; wrapped in disguise; it laughs at me; with its sweet intoxicating lies
  • I woke this evening to a dream; and found myself the real me (i tried to expand this one, but i don't think it has fermented as much as it needs to)
  • I see myself in black & white; brilliant colors surround me; poke at me; eager to caress me with their warmth; but they bounce off of me


~Missing You

my heart aches for what was
as the world crashes in on me
ripping through me
as though I were a speck of dust
I weep for you

#3 (senryu)
~Pointed Words

words tear straight through me
though pointed at another
tears swell at their jest

#4 (tanka)
~Content Warning

this tweet was removed
due to insightful content
meant to provoke thought
brains were not made for such work
as to think outside the box

#5 (haiku)
~Goodnight Sweet Moon

face turned toward the light
basking in lunar glory
my eyes long to close

~Paper Portal

there's a magic portal
on this paper
if it should suck you in
you shall not return the same

~From the Sole

to sing with soul
I feel I must
form the soles'
of my feet

#8 (tanka)
~Tempting Taste

succulent fragrance
oozes from your luscious neck
awakening me
the sweet nectar in your veins
dares me to savor a bite

#9 (tanka)

I wish I could speak
the words you so long to hear
will you stay with me
hold me near 'til I break thru
my pain and words flow like tears

#10 (tanka)
~So Tired

my heart cannot breath
while tears threaten to pour out
so tired am I
this burden weighs heavily
tearing thru my very soul

#11 (haiku)
~Beautiful Creature

she laughed
like butterfly wings
I cried

~Heavy with Fear

dark rainy night
fear burns deep
like the breath in my lungs
as i walk uphill

~Social Isolation

do they notice
my self-imposed segregation
am I a blip on their radar
or a tree in the forest
no one hears fall

#14, 15, 16
~Will You

if I cover my mouth
will you kiss me elsewhere
until I relinquish
my lips
if I cover my ears
will you hold me up a sign
telling me I'm beautiful
until I'm desensitized enough
to hear its truth
if I close my eyes
(will you disappear
or) will you hold me
in your warm embrace
until the fear releases me
and I can see you
in all
of my days

upon transcribing the last tweetoetry, i realized i missed a line.  i added it in denoting it for the time being with parentheses.  i don't think i truly comprehended the number of them until just now.  unlike the last batch, i'm not going to notate each one, but i did include if it fit a particular form of poetry.  one thing i did learn is that tankas are quite tricky to write while maintaining the 140 character rule of a tweet.

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  1. Your imagination flows with the fruits..loved the way you played with many poetry forms ..admirable!