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Friday, March 18, 2011

1 kiss anew

please help! my love has gone astray
he promised me here he would stay
so hurry I did, straight away
without delay, without delay

his note I read said he would be
just waiting here beneath this tree
until my kiss should set him free
where can he be, where can he be

oh grandmother please tell me dear
my knight was not he sitting here
"ah sweet young child, you must not fear
he must be near, he must be near"

about the willow she did spin
then looked at me and fear set in
her words she spoke with much chagrin
"he's here within, he's here within"

but oh! this can't be as you say
his note just came but yesterday
and hurry I did, straight away
without delay, without delay

"oh my sweet girl did you not know
in fairy land this tree does grow
and grow it did around your beau
quite long ago, quite long ago"

is there not something I can do
"sweet girl he did give you a clue
his note my dear, read it anew
and kiss him true, and kiss him true"

Photo by Brian Miller

it's been a long day, but finally i found my way here.  One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically set up a challenge, which i decided to explore while toying with another form of poetry, monotetra.  oh, and what fun it has been!

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  1. i LOVE this poem! i love everything about it ~ the tale, the rhythm, the form. this is truly amazing! ♥