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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

11 ripe for the tasting

breezy kisses
her neck

she's ripe
for the picking
like a mellow

i decided to once again open myself up to a new form of poetry.  on Monday i went with a mirrored refrain; today i decided to try my hand at a septolet.  Seven lines (check), separated into two related parts (check), fourteen words (check), construct a picture/image (i think i tickled the senses of touch and taste more so than  there does not seem to be any specifications on the break up of the lines, though most were three and four (or vise versa...four and three), their seemed to be no set rule about the number of words per line (though one, two, three seemed to be the combinations).  so i suppose the above poem fits the criteria.

inspiration for this poem came from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>breeze(-e+y), mellow, tickle].  as i rolled the words around in my mouth like a mellow wine over the course of the day, i found myself with little bursts of thoughts and no computer to type with.  so i pulled out my phone and tweeted it, easy breezy.  this would count as #tweetoetry number 20 (@rmpWritings).  a septolet is a much easier fit to the 140 limit than a tanka.


  1. Sheilagh Lee said:beautiful imagery ripe like mellow fruit.Wonderful poem

  2. Well done. So brief, yet you said it all.

  3. RMP, Delicious! Tender, suggestive. Breezy kisses--simply great. You always manage to come up with something worth reading.

  4. Absotively perfect - wish I'd written this (said in a non-jealous way).

  5. Oooh perfectly done! Just delicious :o)

  6. ah, those kisses on the neck. this makes the second post of yours i've read talking about kisses. too bad there's no one here to kiss. LOL thanks for explaining the form. i really, really like this! ♥

  7. nope, three out of three about kisses. ;-)