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Monday, March 14, 2011

2 beneath starlit skies

she twirls beneath the starlit sky.
as laughter bubbles in my heart,
I watch her dance with gaze held high.
she twirls beneath the starlit sky,
her arms outstretched so she can fly
with fairies as her counterpart.
she twirls beneath the starlit sky;
her laughter echoing her heart.

so after reading this week's insight on triolets from One Stop Poetry's Form Monday, i toyed a bit with the repeating lines...well technically one of the repeating lines...  it was not the poem i set out to write.  i started with a line that lead to two other rhyming lines; the trouble was finding the other internal rhyme and the first repeating lines counterpart...  below you'll find the start...maybe i'll revisit it...maybe you have an idea on where it could lead...maybe it will float away and disappear though the proof of its existence will remain forever here...

before the proof can disappear
I must present my findings here
before the proof does disappear
the world must know what I hold dear
before the proof should disappear


  1. I never end up with what I start writing but what you've penned here is beautiful and a great triolet written in perfect iambic tetrameter. Thank you for suppoeting my class on one stop, hope to see much more of your work ;)


  2. your much as i love watching dancers lost in the music...