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Saturday, March 12, 2011

0 social-less soul

Many Masks of Me
(image by rmp, that's me)
i lack social graces...or maybe i should say 'a social nature'.  as part of a workshop i took several test meant to evaluate what type of person you are...personality, multiple intelligences, brain dominance...what did i discover?  i'm an introvert (wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out), i'm self-smart and not people smart, and my right brain has staged a rebellion recently and now holds supreme.

where was i...yes, i lack social graces.  i attended a party last night and wanted to go home long before i got there.  aside from hellos and goodbyes, i may have spoken to three adults.  for the most part i kept to the rooms void of adults and the potential need for carrying on a conversation.

did i mention i lack social graces?  okay so truth be told, it is more than lacking social graces.  i have fears and other issues that impede my social self.  which is funny really when most people who know me would say i am quite social.  and they're not wrong, for when cornered like a trapped animal i through out my faux personality like my bearded dragons puff out their darkened beards to make themselves look bigger and scare off predators.

so where am i going with this anyway?  well, i have now been a member of twitter for almost two months.  and in case you are unaware, twitter is a social type network.  that of course was not why i joined.  far from it in fact.  i was looking for a quick (and shorter) medium to explore my newest blogs newest category, pom seeds.  it took me all of seven days to utilize it to construct short (tweetable) poems.  four days ago i expanded even further to include some ramblings (yet another blog category).

in the between time, i've picked up five followers!  (yes, that is an exclamation point, because i still find it odd that people would actually choose to follow the odd ramblings and thoughts that find there way out of my head and into cyberspace.  one would think having blog followers would have desensitized me by now, but alas it has not. and on a side note, while i may find it unfathomable, i do greatly appreciate your visits and words of encouragement.)  where was i...ah, yes...i have followers!  still my anxiety at hitting that little follow button has control of my clicking finger.  so i use subterfuge (not sure that's the right word, but i like the sound of it) to follow them; i created a list and added them to the list, plus a few others i've come across who use twitter to express their poetic nature.

where am i going with all this?  i feel like i had a point at the start, but have lost it along the way.  hmmm...i suppose the whole point was i was thinking about being social via twitter, which is a foreign concept on two levels.  one i'm new to the whole twitter thing; two i'm not very apt at the social thing.  my other problem is that (did i mention i have issues) i have a very strong focus on the manner in which i want (or should say need...really sucks having issues) to use my twitter account.  so i thought maybe for the sake of being social i'd get myself a second account that would not clutter up my pom seeds, tweetoetry and ramblings with social conversations.  (does saying clutter sound like a bad thing?  it is not intended to, not at all.)  this definitely sounds like a viable solution.  but did i mention, i lack a social soul?

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