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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 The Fourteenth of March (3.14)

I thought to tell a haunting tale
of werewolves gone awry
but every time I tried to write
I saw them eating pie

I turned my sights on blood stained teeth
with dainty necks in mind
but when those juicy thoughts came forth
they were of cherry pie

I cannot help but wonder why
pie does so tantalize
with mouthwatering tasty thoughts
that dance before my eyes

These thoughts seem so irrational
and then it came to me
irrational there is no doubt
for Pi Day it must be!

i admit the first thing that came to mind were vampires...but i'd seen and heard a lot about them recently, so i thought to steer clear.  then i thought about writing why i was staying clear of them...then somehow, pie came to mind...maybe it is because Pi Day is around the corner...maybe because i'm in the mood for some nice chocolate cream pie or maybe some apple...hmm...or blueberry...   anyway, i hope you enjoy my tasty little ballad, inspired by Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>dainty, haunting, tantalize]. 

side note for those who do not know, pi (often represented by 3.14 or 27/3) is actually an irrational number whose decimal technically goes on forever and ever and ever without repeating.


  1. I've not heard of Pi day! I loved this post-dated piece (of pie) had a balanced recipe of humour and reflection..Jae

  2. A fun poem in every way. I don't know what Pi day is, but when it's apple pie day I am joyful.

  3. Outstanding meter and rhyme...Bravo!! Vb

  4. Delightful poem, revealing a fine ear. And mind. Impressive, as always.

  5. What a wonderfully amusing poem about what I would call the battle of Pie or is it Pi?

    thanks for sharing!

  6. Irrational thoughts for the day of an irrational number?

    Love the word play in the isea. The problem is, you've made me feel hungry. Where's the pie...