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Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 stranded

just because the tide has left us
high and dry on muddy sand
we are far from stranded
the water is only 50 meters out
we can push the boat that far
I can push the boat that far

"we're stranded," he says.

seriously, look there's another boat
right out there on the waters
and yet another with people aboard
it is easy enough to pull up the anchor
worse comes to worse
we could abandon our vessel
swim our way out to join the others
i am sure they would take us on

"we're stranded," he says.

stepping forward i shake my head at his persistence
his hand reaches out resting on my arm
he turns me to meet his intense mischievous gaze
his unspoken words ring loudly in his eyes
i glance back at the anchor then smiling
turn to get lost in the murky waters of his eyes

"we're stranded," i say.

Photo by Fee Easton
so many choices today over at One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [revisit with Fee Easton].  i finally settled on the one you see here to the left.  i toyed with the idea for awhile in my head, crafting and tasting lines as i floated about this morning.  as i went about my day, with these thoughts lingering in my mind, i thought how my refrain and the feel of a dilemma lent itself to a form i had recent read of over at Poetic i did my best to maintain my original feel, thoughts, craftings and tastes, while melding it with the poetic form, The Bop.


  1. Before the speaker's realization/acceptance of being stranded, the lines seem to take off via the force of optimism. Creates a "sunk" feeling at the end which IMO matches the photo quite well. Very nicely done!

  2. woooooooooooo hot stuff!! :D
    much better than running out of gas!
    Grinning and grinning here!

  3. I am glad to find another romantic. Great storytelling words with the picture - "nice" ending or is it a begining

  4. smiles. so being stranded is not so bad a thing...smiles. love the romance...

  5. ah lovely spin there! Wonderful write and sentiment! ~ Rose

  6. How perfectly wonderful! I was right there with you (or perhaps swimming near the boat within earshot!) and loved every word I heard, and every movement I saw and felt in this delightful poem! Well done!

  7. wow! i didn't see the potential for passion in this photograph. i love when i can see desire in his eyes. and you nailed "the bop" ~ really love this!