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Saturday, May 14, 2011

0 paralyzing fear

the shadow man came today
i caught his black figure
out of the corner of my eye
fear took hold immediately
i quickly turned my gaze away
and shut my eyes tight
still i felt his outstretched arms
press firmly upon my body
pinning me down were i lay
i fought to breathe
i fought to relax my body
i fought to calm my nerves
i fought the need to fight
still he read my mind
like an open book
just the thought of moving
caused the pressure to intensify
pushing me further down
i did my best to quell the panic
repeated my mantra over and over
focusing on just moving my feet
just my feet
just my feet
slowly but surely
i kicked my way out of yet another
waking nightmare
only to be sucked back in
this time
to a figure-free
bout of sleep paralysis

i don't meet the shadow man too often.  he is an oddity that pops up upon occasion when i have an episode.  his presence adds another element to an already taxing experience.  it no longer about just not being able to move; he brings with him the added effect of pressure--like someone or something is pinning you down.  as though being awake an unable to move wasn't bad enough.

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