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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 provoked

forbid me to speak
go ahead
i dare you
forbid me to brandish my words
like a sword
come on
you can do it
just be prepared
to feel the wrath
of my silvery tongue
as it slashes through
another of your measly attempts
at classroom management
so go on
do it already
forbid me to speak

okay, so my first thoughts with this weeks Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>brandish, forbid, manage(ment)] was the following line:  "she brandished her newly acquired assets like a weapon."  i mulled it around in my brain for a bit...had direction with two possible outcomes, but i just couldn't seem to get a good handle on it.  maybe later.  anyway, i ended up taking a completely different direction.  


  1. Reminds me of Miss Sandler at my school, phew!

  2. A strong provocation..maybe it applies to many places as well as the classroom..jae

  3. I love how this dares the person to hold them back to forbid them to speak.

  4. This is a great taunt, showing stubbornness