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Monday, May 9, 2011

8 designing rhyming

why would i wish to play with rhyme?
thinking this way takes too much time.
linking up lines; making designs; (hrr)
why really, it should be a crime!

ignore vowels with consonance;
employ vowels with assonance;
enjoy each kind? deploy entwined? (hrr)
ignore my growing dissonance?

so many different kinds seems wrong.
perfect, slant, rich... the list is long
connect the ends? effect the heads? (hrr)
so many ways to build rhymes strong.

i was so content to stop at the first stanza...but figured the more i toyed the more solid my use might seem.  i really should learn to stick with my first instincts.  this insane attempt at playing with different types of rhymes and position and what not was inspired by One Stop Poetry's Form Monday.  i now know way more about rhymes than i'm sure i care to...  i wonder how many different types i managed to employ....  the (hrr) is my pathetic attempt at expressing an throws off my syllable count a bit, but i couldn't help but add it in. 

Check Out Alex's Creative Corner!  Just don't tell her I sent you!

i met a unique and interesting young talent!  she can be a bit scatterbrained at times, but it lends well to her writing. 

after complaining (that's putting it mildly) that she didn't post enough, she has been inundating her blog with post after post.  to reciprocate her kindness (i've been waiting eagerly to see how her SpellCaster's saga ends and to learn more about living an awesome life and highlighters), i promoting her blog as a wild collection of...i'm not sure i have the right words to describe it, so if you get a chance check out Alex's Creative Corner.  Just don't tell her i sent you!


  1. I wonder how you really feel about rhymes :)
    Loved the wit and rhymes, word choices.

  2. haha...nicely played...was never a rhyming poet up until a short bit ago when i got hooked onto hip hop....

  3. Rhyming isn't my favorite either, but I chalk that up to laziness and lack of creativity because I enjoy it when I read it. Since finding OSP, I have seldom missed a Sunday or Monday or Wednesday posting. But this has been a lazy weekend and now I am supposed to rhyme. (hrr) :)

  4. lol love it. and how you play on it. you're really quite good and something you don't even like :)

    Monty / bummy

  5. Thanks it was cute, i needed to be refreshed on what writing poetry.

  6. Oh the hrrs are just asides...they don't throw off your syllable count, Shakespeare! I loved it...all of it. I didn't dissect it; I just enjoyed it as one should poetry. But now I've gone back over and am quite impressed. Beginning rhymes..ending rhymes..consonance and assonance. Why I believe you like it a good bit more than you protest. If not, you're very very good at it anyway! Thanks so much for the work and for linking. I thought it was excellent!

  7. Rhyming is my forte, I find other forms more difficult lol. Well rhymed and nicely done.


  8. This was fantastic, I loved how you made the struggle your words and crafted from there. Wonderfully clever ~ Rose