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Friday, April 1, 2011

3 On the Wings of my Muse

if you should listen quietly enough
you just might hear them
whispering to me

most of the time they're hidden out of sight
no one can see them
too shocking they'd be

occasionally they come out to play
i call upon them
with a silent plea

just take but a moment and listen close
you just might hear them
inspiring me

my fingers flutter across the keyboard
in rhythm with them
souring high and free

today marks day one!  today inspiration was sparked by Poetic Asides.  upon reading the prompt, "write a 'what got you here' poem," the first thing that popped into my head was "on the back of a butterfly."  so i went with it.

side note:  for someone who does not enjoy counting syllables (or rhyming for that matter), i seem to find my fingers tapping out the count as if on autopilot.


  1. Definitely things to ponder. Nice post.


  2. too shocking they'd be...I like that line. My are like that at times, too :)

  3. lovingly put, a nice tribute to muses. if only they are around me more often.

    thanks for your visit. hope your day is sweet.