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Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 far from ordinary

there's a secret
beneath this guise
hidden well
by this ugly rough exterior
a facade meant to deceive
intent on blending in
hoping to disappear
amongst the ordinary
very few
see it for what it is
only a handful
look beyond the surface
crack it wide open
baring the beauty
that lies deep within
the ugly rough armor

"Time Wave Zero"
(photo by Roger Allen Baut)
the image to the left was provided as inspiration by One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [flashback to interview with Roger Allen Baut].  i'm not good with abstract.  my mind has this incessant need to make sense of things.  to that end, i found myself on an unusual train of thought.  glass... waves... sparkling... blue... white... crystal... minerals... bookends... (what bookends don't make sense to you...imagine being inside my brain...)  anyway...bookends made of agate quartz have an layered feel of blue hues and white.  their pattern is a bit different from the presented image, but nonetheless this is were my train of thought lead me.  and from there i found myself.  (yeah, that's it.  myself.  that's what this poem ended up being about.)  so i ended far from where i began and quite disconnected should anyone try to make the connection to the image without my odd sequence of thought.  

i also managed a pom seed out of the deal.  (again it is quite disjointed from the actual image, but reflects the bookens and myself.)  this pom seed did not mature enough to be included in the poem above, but i think it has potential.  "you put me on a shelf and stare at me/ hold me on a pedestal as though I were a queen"  (in my head, i hear this as a song with a biting sound.  i'd sing it for you, but i don't want to scare you off...well anymore than my odd ramblings might.)

side note:  i feel like recently i've used the word guise (or disguise) way too often...


  1. before i read your comment about bookends, i thought you were referring to a person. either way, i really like it. dani ♥

  2. I loved the transition created within the poem. Then to read about your train of thought... definitely a transitional piece. Nicely done.

  3. Smiles...bookends...Did anyone find out what the photo is? Than you for your visit and generous commnents. See you again I hope.

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  4. ha, before I even read your explanation on your train of thought with this one, I knew you were writing about self ...probably because I could relate to the message of the poem, esp. the last line which really resonated with me on a personal level.

    I am impressed with your take on the photo prompt. I can usually write something fairly quick on photo prompts but this one stumped me :)