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Thursday, March 31, 2011

1 a ruleless month...well not exactly...

along with being the first day of April (better known to most as April Fool’s Day when the tricksters come out to play and show that just about anyone can be made a fool of), it is also the start of National Poetry Month. in honor of this, i have decided to forgo the rules i set forth on this blog (which i use to keep me in check and help me keep the creative juices flowing) for the month of April and enact a single temporary rule.
  • Write a Poem a Day
yeah, i know crazy...but i also know i'm not the only crazy one out there...some are this crazy year round...or more so...but what can i say i like crazy...

in my head, this idea seems a bit nerve racking and anxiety inducing and stressful and...what other words can i use to say the exact same thing over and over and over again...  nonetheless, i am going to give it a go.  i will continue to seek inspiration during this time from Three Word Wednesday, OSP One Shoot Sunday, OSP Form Monday, JP's Poetry Potluck, and Poetic Asides.  i do fear that i will find myself a bit overwhelmed with keeping up with all of theses on a regular basis and with visiting and commenting on others posts...still i will do my best to visit and comment at least once a week (usually i set aside Tuesday and Thursday for this--though often i find myself wondering on other days as well). 

note:  forgoing my rules does not mean that i won't occasional throw out a rambling or prose, but it removes the pressure of having to do so on top of this daunting task (at least it seems daunting to me).

wish me luck!  i have a feeling i'm going to need it...

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  1. good luck. Haiku is a quick write, also I just found this site today ( - that might help you reach your goal this month. You can do it. and I am glad you like crazy cuz that is me! :)