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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 never really friends

we were never friends
not really
how could we be
when all we did
was dance around each other

what we had
was an illusion
so well crafted
it fooled all
including us

the passage of time
has brought to light
the truth
still i tragically cling
to what never was

we were never friends
that is quite evident
but still
you stole my heart
leaving me an empty shell

maybe that is the reason
all we ever did
was dance around each other
we were too afaid--too young
unsure of how to open our hearts

i wasn't sure this morning when i first looked at the words from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>evident, illusion, tragic(ally)] where they might lead...nothing jumped out at me.  as i head home from work, i thought once again about them and checked out Poetic Asides' promt, which was to "write a poem that remembers an old relationship."  oddly enough, i had been reminiscing about an old relationship recently.  this made me think of a pom seed i had written awhile back (the first stanza of this poem).  the pieces just seem to fall together and the above poem was born...


  1. Sheilagh Lee said:How sad that happens you think people are friends and they aren't that it's all an illusion

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I didn't know where it was going to end, and felt like I had to keep reading. That's always a good thing. Thank you for a most enjoyable read.

  3. welldone. and it fitted so well to the prompt....

  4. Ah! Young love. The thoughts of it linger on, even though the love itslf (or lack of it) doesn't. Well written poem.

  5. not only a challenge for the young

  6. Love can be a difficult dance..maybe it takes a lot of practice to master the steps..Jae

  7. Well done....I have a few "never really friendships" from days gone by...