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Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 for my eeys olny

I hvae a prahse taht hunats me
erevy wkanig day and ngiht
I fnid msylef cughat by tiher tturh
tehy ehco in my haed
wehn srsets stes in
it paluegs me
utnil tsohe diveslih wrdos
euprt lkie pisoon form my lpis

there is a study apparently that says it does not mtaetr the oderr of the lterets of wdors for the hmaun bairn can raed the mxeid up wdors so lnog as the frsit and lsat lterets are in the crorcet sotps. so i thought it might be fun for the topic above to toy with this theory. can your read the poem?

i don't really think this fits the prompt, but nonetheless it was inspired by Poetic Asides' challenge today to "write an 'ain't none of my business' poem."

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  1. this is really cool...I heard of illustrated it well for I had no problem reading this :)