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Friday, April 15, 2011

1 i am a conundrum

I am a Sculptor of Young Minds
I battle
rough challenging minds
that fight tooth and nail
wishing not to be molded

I am a Mathematics Connoisseur
I live for
the seductive art of numbers
that hold the answers
to the world around us

I am a Technology Guru
I poke
ever evolving technology
that causes others headaches
yet supposedly makes life easier

I am an Introspective Poet
I find myself in
delicious and intoxicating words
that steal my emotions
expelling them from me

I am a walking oxymoron
I suffer
from social anxiety
that rules my insides
yet compensated by a friendly exterior

I am me
a Sculptor of Young Minds
a Mathematics Connoisseur
a Technology Guru
an Introspective Poet
a Walking Oxymoron
a conundrum
that has yet to be solved

i have always thought of myself as a jack of many traits.  so when Poetic Asides' prompt asked for "a profile poem" i decided to pull together all the people i have described myself to be.  i am more than just what is presented here, but i think this covers the general categories (except the emotionally disturbed part of me).

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  1. I appreciated your observing this quandary in education, that some of us don't crave attention yet we're in settings through our careers where we are the center of attention at times. Makes time alone, quiet and poetry all the more gratifying. Nicely written.