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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 Creates a Picture?

how do you paint a picture?
not on canvas
limited to two-dimensions
absorbed by sight
neglectful of other senses

how do you sculpt an image?
not of clay
limited to three-dimensions
devoured by sight alone
since touch is forbidden

how do you create a picture?
what medium
unlimited dimensions
embodies every sense
sight, touch, smell, taste, sound

how do you breathe a image to life?
i use words
bound only by the limits of my imagination
imbued with every sense
seen, felt, smelt, tasted, and heard

one of the forms i've explored speaks to creating a picture.  the left side of my brain insists upon interpreting this as a visual entity...describe color and actions.  but i can't help but think a picture is more than what you see; it's infused with every sense so you could close your eyes, feel the tingle on your tongue, breath in the lusciousness, feel the texture--rough and silky--, hear the whisper in the air, and see yourself apart of the image.  

i don't know...i guess i thought i'd dispel my left brains constraints through a senseless (insert silly chuckle here) poem.

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  1. smiles. that is what we do every time we pick up a pen...wonderfully said...

  2. Our mind sure can do wonders and I think you hinted at it here :)

  3. Wow...interesting parallel. Art and word art. A well painted poem!

  4. breathing an image to life....that is truly a creation...bkm

  5. You nailed it with this one.. often I feel that words create yet another dimension.. one that science may not be able to justify yet!

    Very well writ Dear
    Hugs xx

  6. your words came to life in my head, wonderful

  7. For the spirit to create your pen animates!

  8. a picture limited only by our imagination is something I think any writer can relate to :) beautiful verse and build up to it!

    My One Shot Wednesday

  9. Agree with Vinay. A picture is a combination of not just imagination or colours , but various other aspects too.

    how do you breathe a image to life?
    i use words

    - made me smile! :)Words are so powerful yet at times they paint the most clumsiest picture right ?

  10. fantastic! poetry knows no bound :)

  11. creative.

    words are magical ...


  12. I agree with brain..a pen or a brush helps to put thoughts in creation