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Friday, August 3, 2012

3 Can I Have This Dance?: Unarmed

Title:  Mama's Arms
Artist:  Joshua Kadison
Album:  Painted Desert Serenade
Genre:  Rock

Notes:  When I heard this song last week there was no doubt in my mind that it would lend inspiration for today.  This week has been a hard week; I wonder if today were to have been on a Monday or a Tuesday would the build up to today not have been so difficult.  The first time I could only bring myself to ramble on the center of which was the hug.  Last year, I found my voice, but dulled the ache by conforming to blank verse so the emotions would not overwhelm.  Again the hug finding its way into my words.  This year, again I look to form and I speak of the hug. 

Form and I have a love-hate relationship.  I find it torture-some, yet when all is said and done quite satisfying.  And on a day like today the struggle gives my mind a focus that even given the topic helps to dull the pain.  This was not an easy form--rondeau.  Of course I made it harder on myself by trying to write in stressed-meter--iambic with an extra stress at the start or trochaic with an extra stress at the end. 

I admit, I labored over this for quite some time.  The first to verses not so evil, but the last....  I almost decided to throw in the towel on rondeau and go for my form of choice--free verse.  In the end, I seemed to have found my way--at least with this poem.

In your arms my fears dissolve away;
such a hug could make it all okay.
Every time emotions falter you
sheltered me; your warm embrace just knew
how to keep the pain and tears at bay.
Here I am--on this our special day--
lost; unarmed.  I stare towards the fray
scared, for in the past you saw me through
                                               in your arms.
Now I feel alone.  My world, pure grey,
tumbles all around to my dismay.
Just a touch could brighten up my view.
Oh how do I make this wish come true,
so again my fears might fade away
                                               in your arms.                      

A (3WW) Aside:  While the three words [3WW=>emotion(s), falter, touch] presented at Three Word Wednesday this week already found there way into a poem, the words seemed to have made there mark here.


  1. form and i have a love hate relationship as well...i never do it just the way it is supposed to go...rather thumb my nose at it...i think it likes me that way...smiles..

    i like your verse...i like the double meaning you use of unarmed..because of not having the arms around you...the ones that once saw you through...felt piece...

  2. Sorry I missed this last week. This was a brilliant use of the form. Again disguising any slavery to the form by wrapping lines and offsetting the final phrase. Really impressed...thank you!