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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 devil's laugh

he laughs the bitter taste out past his lips
then turns the remnants over on his tongue
to savor them as if a robust wine
this dance will take but one or two small sips

he'll spin you 'til your last full breath is wrung
and soak up every morsel you possess
then turn your essence over on his tongue

he'll savor you as if a robust wine
and drink you in with every coy caress
misguiding you to think him quite devine

this dance will take but one or two small sips
he'll spin you 'til your last full breath is wrung
misguiding you to think him quite devine
he laughs your luscious taste in through is lips

the above not-a-form form (i should probably come up with a name for it...and/or do some research to see if something like it actually already exists) is my third attempt at writing within this structure A1-B1-C1-A2 / B2-d-B1 / C1-d-C2 / A2-B2-C2-A1 (letters denote ending rhyme, capitals denote repeating lines, numbers assist in identifying where line will repeat--minor variations on repeating lines allowed as long as the final word remains intact) with each line having exactly 10 syllables.  i was toying with the idea of varying the placement of the repeating line within the middle two stanzas (B1-d-B2 / C2-d-C1), but for now i'll let it lie.  prior exploration includes "idefinitely delayed" and "music man." 

crazy me decided to make it a bit more fun this time...i decided to give iambic pentameter a go for this little ditty.

this construction is being linked into this week's OSP One Shot Wednesday.

i think i'm going to disappear for awhile...go into hiding...i made myself a nice little cozy happy place...will see if i can resist the pull of OSP's One Shoot Sunday and Form Monday or the pull of Three Word Wednesday (hmmm...  i might have to wait until after tomorrow's post to go into hiding...).  i have talked about doing something like this for awhile, but thus far it has all been talk...but a nice peaceful hiding spot sounds good...i'd tell you were it was, but then it wouldn't be a hiding place anymore....  

see you on the flip side...


  1. ha - you're on the dark side of the moon again...smiles
    great rhymes in your or two small sips...and we're the wine metaphor

  2. hiding? why?

    a rather haunting beguiling the devil the drinking imagery taking you in sip by sip...

  3. really clever poem... great metaphors

  4. The devil is in the details
    You showed that by the pails
    As your one shot is off the rails
    Spinning such devilish tails
    Showing how a want
    Can come back to haunt
    Enjoyed the read
    Here at your feed

  5. "this dance will take but one or two small sips"
    So, so frighteningly true. Excellent write and I love this form.