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Sunday, May 29, 2011

4 it's a long way down

she is at the precipice of her life
standing on the edge of the world

seeing no other way 
than the shadowy depths
of the water she gazes into

a portal ready to carry her away
far from pain and torment

there was no one to save her
no hand to reach out 
pull her back from the edge

no one notices her standing here

even as the sun begins to rise
even as the world wakes up
no one notices her 
feet skirting the ledge
thoughts drowning in the water

closing her eyes
she tears her gaze from the water

turns to feel the brightness of the world
longing to feel it envelope her
wrap her in its warmth

her patience runs dry

defeated and deflated
her eyes open
and with them her heart rises

a halo of light 
cascading around a building
across the water

a beacon drawing her
sending up bubbles of hope
she never knew were in her

everything she was feeling disappears
into the rays of light

what the building holds for her
she knows not

but somehow she knows
it holds the answers
and so she must go

without a second thought
she takes a step forward and

Photo by Scott Wyden
was it wrong of me to end things like this?  i don't know...maybe...  especially with such a beautiful picture for inspiration...  but what can i say...

i always seem to find myself in unusual places when facing a photo prompt...  thanks to OSP One Shoot Sunday [interview with Scott Wyden] for their knack at finding such thought inspiring images and photographers.

okay, so i was just getting ready to decide on a title for the poem and the song "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLachlan that i barely noticed playing in the background goes and says..."it's a long way down."  it seemed so fitting...


  1. surprise ending...guess we can read into it what our own me i think she found hope and i am glad...smiles.

  2. I see her opening her eyes, taking a step forward, in front of a keyboard and the dots are her, creating........I'd like to think that.

  3. Surprise ending for sure...great write ~.^