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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 out of sync

my mind is a mosaic
of jumbled thoughts
and erratic emotions
disjointed and thrown about
mismatched and piece mealed

my body is a rag doll
warn out lifeless limbs
a numbness is setting in
at odds with my mind
a foreboding omen
telling me the luminous tunnel
may not be as far off
as i might like it to be

i apologize...not really in the best frame of mind today...almost opted out of today's Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>erratic, luminous, omen] it was, the words seemed to draw me in even farther into my funk..

i mentioned this yesterday, but i'll mention it again....(maybe this funk is about more than today...)
i think i'm going to disappear for awhile...go into hiding...i made myself a nice little cozy happy place...will see if i can resist the pull of OSP's One Shoot Sunday and Form Monday or the pull of Three Word Wednesday (hmmm...  i might have to wait until after tomorrow's post to go into hiding...).  i have talked about doing something like this for awhile, but thus far it has all been talk...but a nice peaceful hiding spot sounds good...i'd tell you were it was, but then it wouldn't be a hiding place anymore....  
see you on the flip side...


  1. Oh dear! You are down today. Never mind love, have a nice cup of tea and a digestive biscuit - and start all over again.

  2. 'Mosaic mind'..hard to make sense of things..somtimes you need to stand back..from the safe distance of a cozy place to figure it out..keep safe..Jae

  3. wow what a sadness in that mind. very well written poem

  4. An ominous thing to think about indeed. Great use of three words. Here is my attempt.

  5. Wonderful poem.
    Infact I liked a poem after so many days.
    Great work.


  6. Indeed ominous but this is truly an incredible poem!

  7. Mosaic minds... Yes, solitude is lovely. I had that when I visited Asheville NC. A lot of just me time as the three teenagers were off doing things. I think everyone should get away by themselves. I found it surprisingly very refreshing.