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Monday, May 30, 2011

3 tear stained healing

I wish I had the words to heal this hurt--
to drive away the stinging pain you feel-
the world is stained with many tear-filled shirts;
so cry my darling cry--begin to heal.
where words do little more than just divert
allow my touch to soothe, so you might peel
this scab--unearth new skin--be whole again--
take back your world and wield your mighty pen.

i admit i struggled today--not so much in working with the ottava rima form presented today at OSP's Form Monday, but in finding inspiration.  why you might ask.  it's probably better not to follow my logic...thought that will not stop me from offering it up.

after following the #ospchat yesterday lead by @iamEPanthony, who posed the question "what emotions inspire you to write the most,"  i got to thinking later on my drive home about form poetry.  i find more often than not, writing in form takes me outside of my emotions.  its rules and structure scintillate my left brain allowing me to push aside emotions and use reason and logic.  that doesn't mean i don't tug at my emotions when writing in form, but simply that it allows me to leave it behind.  whether that is a good thing or not, i cannot say.  and so, maybe because the thoughts of emotions were rolling round in my head...maybe because i felt the need to push them aside...maybe...i don't know...whatever it may have been inspiration was not swift or friendly.

so anyway, i know not from where this came or how it managed to weave itself--for surely it did just that.  i only know it came to be--however uncertain i might feel about its existence.


  1. Enjoyed this poem - very moving - and I really like the name/description of your blog!

  2. I read your note, forcing yourself to a very exact and careful rendering of the form seemed to have unlocked your unconscious and sent a message of joy, healing, hope and self-resurrection to fellow writers. That's beyond excellent, it comes close to miraculous. Brava! Gay

  3. Technically well-constructed and with a depth of emotion which goes beyond form.