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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

9 Last Call: Methods to Soothe Raging Emotions: Seething & Breathing

Methods to Soothe Raging Emotions: Seething & Breathing

I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing;
I've been practicing slow intakes all week—
In----n---Out      In----n---Out     is of no help.
Still I search for that equilibrium
to still the emotions that are seething.

I am beginning to feel like a freak—
a statue shutting out the world around
as I've practiced slowly breathing all week,

but the world just pushes back pound by pound;
so each breath In----n---Out is of no help.
I find it impossible to rebound;

still I search for that equilibrium,
itching to stand once more on solid ground.
I long to wake from this delirium—

to still the emotions that are seething.
I'm beginning to feel like a freak
with each breath In----n---Out.  I just can't help
loosing myself to this delirium.
I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing.

My mind is racing with so many thoughts and amazingly they seem to all be focused on this piece—so maybe breathing wasn't the answer and writing was...

#1 — The first line of this poem is from a song.  From the moment I heard the song, I was addicted to this line far beyond the confines of the song.  It held its own meaning for me that had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics themselves.  Still the song itself has also inspired two poems (Uneven and—without realizing I did this—Uneven) that have made their way here through my Friday's theme, Can I Have This Dance?.  [FYI:  The song is Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) by The Script.]

#2 — When I went in search of the title for this piece I got caught on the words seething and emotions.  This led me to think of a series I've developed here (which I recently rehashed on a Sunday for my theme Time Capsule).  Though the series is called Methods to Soothe Raging Emotions, I could hear word seething stealing the place of raging.  Even though the majority of the series has focused on music, it took little for me to decide it would be a good addition because the original poem also speaks toward breathing.  

#3 — This is my fourth exploration in expanding my original form of nota.  While I still like the original version, there is something about this "expanded" version that feels like a better entity.  

An Aside:  I am going to admit for those of you who choose to listen to this piece that I have a very bad habit of recording and not listening back to the recording.  (I don't particularly care much for the sound of my voice.)  So if there are any anomalies, you'll know why I posted it with them in it...

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.


  1. see you had me at the opening line because i love that song!!! and i feel you on wanting to find solid ground to stand on as well....nice bit of lyricism in your words too...

  2. I really like these lines:
    "I've been practicing slow intakes all week"
    "but the world just pushes back pound by pound"

  3. really like the repetition here, and the included notes are great backing details. Very nicely done. Thanks

  4. This one is pretty heavy stuff--the thought of having to practice breathing is a strong way to capture a loss of control, a feeling that life is getting out of hand with little hope of normalcy. Great work here! While I admit I don't always listen to the recordings, I appreciate that you have that option, and I assure you that your voice sounds fine.

  5. I like the words as if grasping for breath, in and out ~ Like this a lot ~

  6. Sometimes in life breathing is the only thing we do seem to be able to control. You've caught that feeling well here.

  7. Good to be breathing...slow intakes or not. Sometimes I think we all wonder if we are alive....on those bad days we all go through! I liked your piece.

  8. The breathing works so well with this form... love it.

  9. i love that first line, and that you took it from a song. :)