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Friday, February 8, 2013

5 CIHTD?: Methods...

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An Aside:  I've been sick...still sick technically...and my brain has been a bit too fuzzy to compose.  Every time the music plays I want to close my eyes and fall asleep.  So I am taking a different approach to this week's CIHTD?.

Notes:  I can remember coming in late on a debate between my brother and cousin about whether it is the lyrics or instrumentals of a song that were more powerful.  Each was on a different side of the fence.  I, myself, have always found myself in the middle.  

There is definitely something to the lyrics that touch the mind and heart.  They can stick with you and follow you around.  You can relate to them.  And sometimes having words that you can sing out (whether you actually know the words or not) as the music plays can be very cathartic.  

Now the instrumentals ..the instrumentals have a way of getting under your skin--syncing with or altering your internal rhythm.  I have always found this to be very therapeutic.  A couple of years ago I wrote (and posted here) the poem below.  Eventually this turned into a bit of series where each of the poems that followed incorporated music as an entity to soothe.  

So with out further ado...

Methods to Soothe Raging Emotions

gritted teeth
hold tears at bay
a flimsy dam of sticks
bombarded by raging emotions
longing to pour freely

rioting music
course throughout
a volatile tidal wave
melding with raging emotions
longing to find rhythm

breath moves
slowly in, slowly out
a soft gentle breeze
releases the raging emotions
longing to suffocate

Followed up by four additional poems with music playing in the background:


  1. nice...moving piece...and really like as well how the words kinda mash up...i hear you as well on having those words to sing...smiles.

    1. honestly, the mash up was a formatting faux pas.

  2. some moods need just a certain kind of music...finding the own rhythm again..yep...hope you feel better already

  3. I hope you feel better! Love the raging emotions!