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Friday, March 8, 2013

3 CIHTD?: A little sunshine...

Title:  Oh, Mr. Sun
Artist:  unknown
Album:  unknown
Genre:  Children's

Notes:  It's been a trying couple of weeks; so much so that even my typical tricks of music and breathing.  When things get this bad, I have another little source of pleasure.  I texted my friend and told her I could really use a picture or video.  She sent me a picture of her little one with a cucumber for lips.  A few seconds later, I texted her again asking where the older one (my goddaughter).  As I was doing so, she was recording a video with my goddaughter singing Oh, Mr. Sun at the top of her lungs.  I watched it multiple times and slowly (for me) the sun did begin to shine.  I have a feeling that I'll be playing that video several more times before the end of this month.  Hopefully April showers will help to wash away some the craziness pressing down on me.


  1. Yes, simple pleasures are the best. I liked this story.

  2. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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  3. smiles...vids of kids are awesome...def one of the simple joys...def a video i would keep handy...smiles.