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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

14 Last Call: Sweet Silence

An Aside:  My initial intent for using twitter was to jot down little ideas (I like to call them pom seeds) that could blossom into something more.  It's grown a bit since then to also include short verses (haiku, tanka, septolet, etc.) and unfortunately less pom seeds.  Anyway, it took one particular pom seed just over a month and a half to grow into what I had envisioned when I first tweeted it (a poem called Sweet Sweet Silence).  What was interesting about this particular seed was the potential it had for taking on more than one flavor.  So prior to finally finding the footing I had hope it to have, it took on two other forms, which I've decided to share here today.  The first is actually a similar concept in a short form (more of a brush of the lips).  The second one definitely has a different twist.

Kiss Me Senseless

if i threaten to ramble on endlessly,
will you promise to silence me again
with your lips on mine?

Sweet Kiss

her words hung in the air
harsh, bitter, and cold
like icicles ready to drop
their points aimed directly at him;
the silence echoed
as the last word left her lips.
she stepped toward him
leaned in and kissed his cheek;
her lips curled into a evil smile
upon seeing her blood red imprint.
still he stood there
as though petrified by her words;
she turned to walk away
her tongue casually slipping
out across her top lip
in along her bottom lip.
a small giddy laugh
escaped past another smile
as she bit her bottom lip
thinking how sweet revenge tasted.

This is my offerings for this week's dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight. If you get a chance, check out all of the talented poets who have stepped up into the spotlight.


  1. LOL.... so, she really left her mark on him
    Tut tut.. ;)
    I liked both of these.
    That's a great idea, to use your tweets like that as small snippets of inspiration. I was on Twitter, couldn't keep up with it all. Blogging, and such... have kind of let Twitter drop now.

  2. I really felt the ice of those words she said and the effect-very powerful, thanks for sharing.

  3. i def dont mind be silenced with a kiss just saying...haha....pretty cool ont eh tweets as well...sometimes i do that....witha stray line...a lot of times i have a single line in my notebook that finds its birth into a poem...

  4. hmmmm, kind of a post-modern creation about a kiss

  5. I think she's up to no good!
    Excellent write!

  6. I enjoyed both of these. What a clever idea with twitter. I generally write down several lines and try to see where they will go. Many times they stay in my journal sleeping :)


  7. She's definitely out to cause trouble!!

  8. Love this idea, love the poems. A kiss in the first poem is more my style than in the second poem. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hard to do, but sometimes (when warranted) the sweetest way to leave a lover. Loved the description and the implications of each action. Well done!

  10. Two awesome poems! I adore the first, the second was a great ending for a novel!

  11. I love the idea of pom seeds ~

    The first one, so sensual ~
    The second one, what an attitude ~

    Great to see you ~

  12. ha...i def. prefer the first kiss to the second...smiles...great work on the contrasts here..and need idea with twitter as well

  13. I love the romance in the first and the coldness of rejection in the second. What a hot/cold tease. Loved them...both.

  14. Both well done--I like the way you pursued the thought down different avenues. That last one gave me shivers!