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Friday, December 14, 2012

10 CIHTD?: My Dear (Your Lion Heart)

Title:  Little Lion Man
Artist:  Mumford & Sons
Album:  Sigh No More
Genre:  Alternative

Notes:  I had a really long ramble planned, but I've decided to curtail it and just stay focused on what lead me here.  A couple things came into play really.  (In order as best as I can relate.)  Every other Friday (or there abouts) I post -- what I call -- a "Postcard Pondering" for fourth and fifth graders to ponder and think about.  The theme this time was courage.  Of course I can't just ask, "What's the most courageous thing you've ever done?"  That would be too simple; so instead...

Then on my way home yesterday, looking for the next song inspiration, I heard Little Lion Man.  I mean really how perfect was that.  And then, over at dVerse Poets Pub their meeting on writing in the second person.  If you've listened to Little Lion Man, the song (aside from the refrain) is in second person (though I'm pretty sure the you is the I).  If I hadn't already been convinced this was the way to go, at this point it all just seemed like a sign.

Anyway...enough rambling (and yes that was the short [on topic] version).

My Dear  (alternate title:  Your Lion Heart)
There's no need to touch
hand to chest
to know the rhythm
is off.
you can feel the stu(ut)ter
throughout your whole body;
a constant internal strum
reminding you how your heartstrings
dangle while you play on through
reminding you how you put yourself
out there on the line ready to fall
                       ready to give your all.
What courage you showed!
What strength
         openness you embodied?
You were so willing
                so ready to put your heart
                                              on the line
But it's not your fault...
      it's not your fault your lion heart
      was torn to shreds by mine. 


  1. A sensitive beautiful write. After the events of today my emotions are raw...this made your poem even more emotive.

  2. whew...the lion heart got torn to shreds in the end...really a very moving write...i was not familiar with the song...have it quequeing up now....when you put yourself out got to be ready for it...smiles.

  3. Very poignant and evocative closure...and feels very apt due to the news right now, sadly...liked your take on the prompt. Thanks.

  4. Ya got to love that synchronicity of finding that song on the same day as teaching! I think the magic is not in the universe but in who we are and how we can fill everything with meaning -- as we should.

    I found the YouTube performance of the original. Never heard of them and this was very good -- thanx.

    But reading their lyrics and yours, I puzzled over the meaning. So let me guess:

    Whiny poems about unrequited love are common, but am I right in assuming that this is the opposite? Is this poem a gesture of praise to someone who the lover left?

    It is interesting, to be sure. Thank you!

    And what the heck is CIHTD?

    1. CIHTD? — I got tired of typing the whole thing out. I adopted a Friday theme back in July called "Can I Have This Dance?" The writings for this day are song inspired; the theme title coming itself from a song.

      in a way the song and its lyrics dance around in my head jogging my own response.

  5. I love the song and voice

    ...and specially the last stanza, it was unexpected ~

    Great piece ~

  6. @RMP:
    So was I close -- it is the words of an ex-lover to the person she jilted?

    1. yes, I would say you're on target.

      the original song (this is my interpretation) the singer is—whether the "you" verses or the "I" refrains—referring to how he has erred, how he's a coward, how he messed up and hurt her. in the poem above, he is speaking to her about what he's done to her heart and how, unlike him, she was brave to put her heart out there.

  7. Thanx, RMP.
    Unlike poems, songs have tunes that carry them through even when meaning is vague -- thus I feel for poetry to be more popular in an age of plenty of easily available music -- we need to not pretend that there is a melody aiding our words or imagine that our readers have mind-reading-super-powers -- that make our poems enjoyable to general readers. IMHO

    I just wanted to make sure I was close on this one. Thanx for confirming.