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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 The Sweet Taste of Silence

Sweet Sweet Silence

The taste of silence was never so sweet,
as the touch of your lips pressed against mine,
stealing away my words with breathless sighs.
Strangely words still pour forth with your retreat.

We both see the flaw in your plan's design;
Your foolish hope that shock will still my voice,
as the touch of your lips press against mine.

Stealing my words with breathless sighs...
but speechless? You leave me with but one choice;
knowing you'll employ my mouth otherwise.

Naturally words still pour forth with your retreat;
smiling with you at your plan's flawed design,
daring you -- engage my mouth otherwise.
The taste of silence was never so sweet.

Sweet Silence
(tweet by rmpWritings, that's me)
"the taste of silence was never so sweet" has been festering in my head ever since it made its first appearance via twitter.  it eventually gave birth to two poems, Kiss Me Senseless and Sweet Kiss (neither of which actually used the line).  with each poem, i promised it would eventually find its own voice in a poem.  today it does just that.  

this poem is another NAFF (not-a-form form), which i have been toying with for a bit now.  this makes poem number five.  

this is my contribution for tonight's OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub where a vast offering of talent writers come to share their love of poetry.  

Note:  i had issues forgive me if it sounds weird(er than usual).    


  1. ..not-a-form form..i like this...Stealing my words with breathless sighs...mmm...this is sweet silence for sure

  2. I enjoyed listening to it. This is an interesting line:

    The taste of silence was never so sweet

    Isn't that form a free verse then?

  3. Mmm...a lovely way to taste the silence.

  4. smiles. i like you NAFF poems...smiles. silence is an orchestra i love to listen to...nice bit of verse tonight...

  5. I felt as if I were flowing in a river, drifting.
    Sweet words like precious balm to soothe awaiting lips with silent kisses.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on mine :) A pleasure to meet you.

  6. Very interesting this NAFF form, wonderfully portrayed too, nice write.

  7. I'm so glad you ran with the line that kept returning to you.

    stealing words with breathless sighs, I really like that line!

  8. Really enjoyed your poem. Soft, soothing and furtive. Great write.

  9. Ooohh... sensuous and teasing... I like that!!
    And NAFF, eh?! Sweeeeeeet!! :)
    Way to go, rmp!!! Cheers...

  10. Interested in the form, you carried it well, the spoken addition really sinks it. Much enjoyed! ~ Rose