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Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 Fall Tree

Brilliant reds, oranges, yellows
cling to limbs for dear life;
not ready to lay down in defeat.

An early snowfall blankets
vibrant autumn hues
compromising the strong integrity.

Under such a burdening weight—
teetering with indecision—
finally they fall forward

allowing the house to sigh in relief
as the majestic beast brushes past
laying down its arms upon the doorstep.

An Aside:  Nor'easters are evil.  Last year, an early snowfall brought down many trees unable to bare the weight of the colorful leaves and the snow.  As the snow fell yesterday, again far earlier than expected, I thought of the beautiful trees and wondered did Sandy already knock out the weak so as not to add more wood to the fire.  Surprisingly, the Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>compromise(-e+ing), (in)decision, forward] prompt played quite well with these thoughts.  If you get a chance head on over and see how other's twisted these three words into their own poem, prose, or who knows.


  1. I feel so sad for those folks in NY NJ who were already trying to pick up the pieces after Sandy, now to have snow on top of all the ruin and no power to keep warm either. Just awful.
    Hope you're not too close to any trees which this heavy, wet snow may bring crashing down.
    Lovely imagery in your poem, but still sad for those in the north east

  2. I have been following all the news coming out of NYC and NJ i feel very bad for those affected, first by sandy and then by this nor'easter.So sorry that you had to suffer through this RMP hope things get better there for everyone,

  3. The humanizing of nature in its struggle for life and existence is always a favorite. It is as though every slight movement in the environment around us, the sea, the trees even the wind, signifies we are all in this together and makes life easier to understand.

  4. looks & book covers can be crack me up...smiles...

    wow, your poem is powerful...there is a reason that nature gives up her leaves before winter, that weight, they cant handle it...i continue to feel the wieght for those that lost so much in the storm as well....i can only imagine what they are facing right now...

  5. Lovely images and metaphor.Not the best of times for some. They say it always comes in 3s. If you voted republican I suppose that could count as 3:)

  6. so vividly painted...could def. see (and feel) them letting go...

  7. The colours and images really bounce out of this piece..I like the word does seem to have many peeling a layer of skin..Jae

  8. Wonderful. This is tight and right all the way through. Laying down arms on the doorstep--powerful image!

  9. Wonderful images conjured up here