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Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 decidophobia & High Noon

Quite some time ago I explored a gigantic list of phobias in search of one particular one; along the way I came across quite a number of phobias that struck a little too close to home.  Decidophobia, while mild, haunts me quite often.  It grows exponentially when my decision impacts or involves others (or even other's knowing about the decision).  So when reading dVerse Poets Pub Poetics for this week, Through the Artist's Lens, I had quite a time deciding.  A selection of photos by SueAnn presented quite an array, definitely making it hard to decide.

The first to strike me made me think of old westerns.  But it was not the first to spark the words that begin the poem below; that was found in not the fence, but in the shadows created by the fence.  Of all the images, there was still one that left me feeling unfocused.  After looking a bit closer, an image took shape of a girl standing on a platform.  I'm not really sure how the three (see images below) managed to merge themselves together in the oddity below, but...

High Noon

I see them in shadows
standing shoulder to shoulder
as they did on that fateful day
picket fence dreams glistening
in the glint of their eyes
noon shining overhead ringing
sparks of light shooting unruly
dreams floating away on the wind
as the dust finally cleared

I stand on the platform--a precipice
in this techno-colored world
my own picket fence dreams
threatened as I stand shoulder
to shoulder with my enemy
(my own image) staring her down
wondering who will still be standing
when the dust finally settles

High Noon

Do you see them in the shadows?

Do you see her?  What about her reflection?


  1. Brilliant piece of poetry. It takes a little from the film which was shot in such high contrasts - but your contrasts here are with yourself. Beautifully explored. There are so many stages in life when we stand at the precipice named decision and know it's a leap either way and there is no way back. Well done!

  2. nice...i really like that second stanza...and the acknowledgement that our own enemy at times is ourselves....decisioning can def be hard when we take the time to think about the raminifications of each decision....

  3. nice melding of the three photos. I almost wrote about the shadows in the fence one too. good eye on that.

  4. I specially like the second stanza ~

    I didn't choose this picture but I can see why you wrote about the westerns and shadows ~

    Good work here ~

  5. I like the line "Techno colored world", good poem.

  6. I love this poem and the merging of the three images and the enemy of ourself. Smiles.

  7. An intriguing inner journey of pain about a dream not realized and wondering if that self will survive that failure. Powerful poem. :-)

  8. Fun -- glad you chose 3. Yeah, I saw her and the reflection -- but not until you pointed it out.
    Indeed what image will remain?