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Friday, November 9, 2012

4 Can I Have This Dance?: Don't Let Go

Title:  Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Artist:  Lady Antebellum
Album:  Lady Antebellum
Genre:  Country
Don't Let Go
I just can't take,
nor forsake, how
you make me feel;
should I reveal
your gaze steels me--
appeals to base
needs to embrace
your sweet face while
I brace myself
scared I'll rebel--
say farewell--or
this spell that shades
your eyes will fade.
I can't wade in,
afraid to love.
Notes:  I often struggle with what song to pick; it's not because lack songs that inspire, but rather I focus on the inspiration having to hold true to the meaning of the song.  Sometimes it's just a single line that inspires and yields a thought far from the songs meaning.  I'm doing my best to get over the whole thing.  Because if a line from a song inspires than it should count.  Anyway, in the end I can't say that this hits the meaning of the song completely, but it does hold some of the overall meaning.

A Form Aside:  I have this thing about not deciding on a new form until I've given it a couple of goes, so I gave the Than Bauk a second go...well sort of the first go round I went for a "chained" than bauk while this time I tried the "staircase" than bauk. Still I'm not 100% sure of this form which was introduced to me over at dVerse Poets Pub, but definitely not ready to give up on it just yet.


  1. Excellent result from a difficult form. The poem reads in a very unforced way, which I think a real achievement.

  2. glad you kept playing with it...have it in my notebook to do the same...and this flows really well...and the fear of love is all too sad though to continually cut ourselves off from it because of that fear...

  3. afraid to love..i get this...after not an easy childhood i struggled hard to trust..and still do.. great that you gave the than bauk a second go..they're so difficult to write..