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Friday, August 24, 2012

3 Can I Have This Dance?: Spark of Love

Artist:  KT Tunstall
Album:  Eye to the Telescope
Genre:  Pop

Notes:  This song struck me the moment I listened to it.  Oddly, I think it inspired quite the opposite of it's intent.  But I've come to conclude that we will all take from someone else's words our own meaning regardless of their intent.  That doesn't mean we disregard the author's ideas, just fit them to ourselves.  If we couldn't do that--fit ourselves to someone else's words--what good are the words.  I'm off topic.  I'll just let my words speak for themselves--whatever you might make of them.

Spark of Love
I saw my future in the stars
long before you walked through the door
seeking to understand my scars.
Oh, how I wish I could give more,
but in leaving behind the shadows
I'm stepping out into pitch black--
stumbling to reach the light that grows
within you--trying not to look back
to the life alone I would build.
There's comfort in the loneliness;
wishes and desires unfulfilled,
but an odd comfort nonetheless.
Now I find myself reaching out,
longing to find you in the dark.
While I fight back the fear and doubt,
I cling to the hope your love might spark.


  1. totally agree with you about lyrics. Well it applies to writing as well, we take what we want to see regardless. Love the poem. Someone who has been badly hurt in love but willing to try again. The person they are searching for is very lucky. I hope they appreciate it.

  2. I read this as if it were the lyrics of a song, it made sense that way to me. Which, I might add, sounds really good in my head. Nicely done.

  3. nice....really like the feel of this...that first reaching out is so many swirling emotions and premonitions of what might come....really nice and emotive write....