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Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 With a Kiss

"Do I amuse you?"  she asked with a look and tone that would wipe the smile off a hardened criminal.

He leaned back in his chair, overtly eying her carefully.  With a sparkle of laughter glistening in his eyes he replied.  "Yes."  Ever so slightly (he noticed) her jaw tighten.  Before she could speak again--chastise him for his answer--he stood, closed the small distance between them, and continued.  "I enjoy the way your jaw firms, the way your brow furrows, and the way your nose flares.  But what truly excites me, entices me, is the way your lips thin begging to be ravished back into their natural succulent state."

As the last few words exited his mouth, he raised his hand curling his fingers in and gently grazed her cheek with his knuckles.  All the laughter gone from his eyes; instead they spoke gleamed earnest and sincere.  "Tell me you don't feel it too?"

He watched the subtle dilation of her eyes, the slight droop of her shoulders, and the barely noticeable intake of breath.  That was all he needed.  He closed the last bit of distance between them and silenced the lips plea.

After toying with this week's Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>amuse, excite(s), sincere] as the potential for a poem, I desided it might be nice to tap into a bit of prose.  It has been a while since I last used this form of expression.  It was fun.


  1. Fun..and electrical current passing between the two..jae

  2. Very drama filled you wanted the couple to get together.

  3. oo la la...there is an intensity just beneath the surface in this that is about to erupt...haha...nice...

  4. Luckily his response worked. Try it with another and he would laughed off.

  5. That was hot! Good writing--the prose was a good choice for you this week.

  6. finely observed body language, pulling the reader into the room. Very fun and intense. ;)

  7. Very gentle, sensual. Very nice writing.
    Thank you for commenting on my post. When I tried to return the visit I was always taken to a blog which hasn't been updated since 2011, so assumed it was abandoned but that you still read. I'm guessing you are the rmp of the wordpress url. Hope so. Glad to have found you at last :)