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Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Time Capsule: Lost

Title:  Lost
Date:  03/05/97
Setting:  Junior year of college--in computer lab (part of Poetry List)
Form:  Free Verse

Somewhere along the way
I lost my place
I’ve skimmed ahead,
many chapters ahead,
but still I know not
where it is I should be
Somehow along the way
I lost my place
I missed a step,
or skipped a step,
and now I cannot tell
where it is I should be
Somewhere along the way
I lost my place
I must go back,
far back,
then hopefully I’ll find
I’m where I should have been,
the whole time

Notes:  I chose this poem for this week's Time Capsule, because I have been feeling a bit out of place.  Lost is quite an apt word to describe my being right now.  The words here echoing multiple times this past week, plus.

It was during my sophomore year that I started what I still call today the Poetry List.  Basically, I had an email group (called Poetry List).  When ever I had a few minutes between classes I would stop in the computer lab, sit down at a computer and compose.  These were all impromptu poems written on the spot taking between 15 to 30 minutes.  This poem was written almost a full year after the beginning of the Poetry List.  In a way, it was similar to what blogging is now.  Then though it was limited to the people I knew and that knew me.  Oddly, there are very few people I know who are aware of this blog--four or so and even then, I've never actually shared with them where to find it.  Most people who read this are complete strangers.  There is a safety in opening up to those you don't know.  Besides, I doubt those on the Poetry List miss the inner workings of my mind.  

Artifact I:  The print out of the poem including original date and subject line.

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