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Friday, August 31, 2012

11 Can I Have This Dance?: Postcard War

Artist:  Barenaked Ladies
Album:  Everything to Everyone
Genre:  Rock

Notes:  I've had "Another postcard with chimpanzees and everyone is addressed to me" running through my head since yesterday.  I thought it might be fun to explore such an odd piece and see where it took me.

An Aside:  It's been awhile since I toyed with a new form, but I found my way over to dVerse Poets Pub yesterday where they introduced the tritina and I thought why not.  I have had the opportunity in the past to explore its "older sister" the sestina.  That was quite a trying form to work with, but I gave it several tries.  This was not as trying, but still....  I took a little liberty with the last line (splitting it as I did).  Anyway, here goes.

Postcard War
chimpanzees pose in model worthy shots
they rock bikinis -- girls and boys as well --
some funny some risqué arrived today
my mailbox overflowed with chimps today
atop a bar they danced while downing shots
it seems that most are not behaving well
so many postcards--I'm not feeling well.
they're all addressed to me! but not today
I think it's time for me to call the shots!
I'll pose in shots--
                           I might as well--
                                                    then send those chimps a card or two today!


  1. haha...i one with the chimps... you should def. send them a postcard or two...and may dance along for a while...smiles

  2. ha i like your bit of those chimps will be surprised when they get their cards in the mail...and hey no problem on that last line...i am all for playing around with form...smiles.

  3. Great choice of end words! Gave the poem such versatility and nothing felt forced. It was cool, amusing and wonderfully composed!

  4. Such fun to call the shots, post and send them a postcard too ~

  5. Brought a smile to my face, too. Chimps behaving badly, all in your mailbox--could make for a very surreal experience.

  6. What fun that was! I always say that one has to master a form before one can take liberties with it - here you did it proud. Excellent work.

  7. Was sure I'd left a comment on this. Strange!
    I love chimps :)

  8. This is so fun and you did such a good job with it.

  9. I absolutely adore this. Such a fun read, I completely forgot the form, which is as it should be. Wonderful wonderful write.