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Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Rite of Passage

The sun does favor you today.
By casting you in brilliant light,
your masculinity shines bright.

A warrior you well portray
with head held high. My heart does sigh
as thoughts of mine do go astray.

I blush to think of such a night.
The sun does favor you this day.

The wind does favor you today.
So young and brave our fledgling knight,
to stand before us all with might.

The catching breeze gives naught away;
it billows red to frame your head
and hides the rest to my dismay.

Yet still you are a tasty sight.
The wind does favor you this day.

Photo by Walter Parada
so i missed yesterday's One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with Walter Parada]...missed might be a bit off.  i saw the image in the morning, let some ideas roll around in my head as i often do, settled on a concept and well never managed to find time to put it all together.  while a little disappointed (with myself for allowing myself to get waylaid), i thought to move on...that and figured i might be able to incorporate it into One Stop Poetry's Form Monday.  when i saw today's form was about the octain again, i didn't think i could fit my concept into eight lines...but low and behold today expanded the octain into a high octain (double octain)...and after some thought...this was a plausible possibility.  so alas, while it is the same concept, i did take it from a slightly different direction, leaving out some of my original thoughts (the snickering old biddies would definitely have been a treat)...but i think in the end it worked out okay...maybe...


  1. fantastic flow - perfect use of the form and i love the change from sun to wind. respect for approaching the high octain and you've mastered it brilliantly with an absolute effortless feel to it. really very good and you've even combined it with the picture prompt - wow

  2. I had my high octain in mine from yesterday's prompts too. I liked this quite a bit. Really caught the feel of the photo. Well executed as well. Thanks, Gay

  3. oo la the bit of spice you threw into this today...and the elements of nature woven in as well...

  4. Really great work - how clever to combine both One Stop challenges. You words have done a lot for that picture and I really enjoyed your use of the form.