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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 double: Proposal & LUST


her grin widened
as his jumble of words
took shape
laying out their love
naked between them
her eyes glistened
like diamonds
as "yes" escaped her lips

this sweet little ditty erupted as i drove home earlier this evening from work.  inspired by Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>grin, jumble, naked].

just as i got ready to hit publish, i got an eerie feeling.  after checking the date, i realize that this is the last Wednesday of the month.  in keeping with tradition, today's 3WW should be a clarity poem.  so let's see what i got...



transfixed by her grin
naked, flushed and wanting
his thoughts became a jumble

"cravings for a taste of pure bliss."

that took awhile to manifest. at first i thought to transform the first poem some how to fit this form...but that wasn't happening. then, i admit, i got it is a amazing though how i pondered the words for so long trying so many different 'start' words and when i finally let go of the 'start' word, focused on the 3WW, and worked on how they might fit to make the middle, it came to me like a flash.


  1. I liked the romance of your first piece. In the second piece his lust is clearly illustrated with the extra task you set yourself!

  2. very romantic piece the first on and the second is very sensual

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  4. "Her eyes glistened / like diamonds..."

    A perfect simile for a proposal poem!

  5. Oooo, I like this one.

    Please come check out my three words.

  6. Wonderful, passionate, and romantic

  7. I love the sweet love story in the first poem. I agree with Violet... I love the lines, her eyes glistened/like diamonds.