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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Tinker

She ran her hand
over the abrasive surface
of his broken soul

He walled his heart
over a loss so strong
unwilling to hurt again

She knew deep in her heart
a handful of pixie dust
would not suffice

He knew she was different
and maybe that was good
still fear held him

She was a tinker
a fixer of sorts
He was broken
a lost little toy
If anyone could mend
the hurt inside
she was the one and
he was the prize

okay, so i saw 'handful' and the first thing that comes to mind is pixie dust...i cannot fathom why.  So i went with it.  i suppose it turned out okay...  Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>abrasive, handful, loss].


  1. 'Pixie Dust' is a fine image and was a great lead into the magic of the love story..Jae

  2. pixie dust ...nice and smooth.Well written

  3. I love this piece. Really nicely written and quite compelling to read.

  4. sheialgh Lee said:Beautiful I love the pixie dust!I lamost wonder hat she'll do to fix him.

  5. As long as he appreciates Lady Bountiful's efforts, I approve:)
    You have given me an idea for my prompt next week.Thank you.

  6. If only pixie dust could mend what's broken, it would feel like Valentine's Day everyday. Your poem reminded me of my "Messiah" phase, when I would find broken hearts that needed fixing and try to repair them myself. My heart got broken in the process. So I finally decided to look for a heart that was intact, found one, and it's going well so far. :)

  7. RMP,

    Wow! I'm in awe. The second stanza is especially powerful, a great image. I pictured a stone-mason laying block, closing in a dark room. Great piece all around!

    Peace, Nico