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Monday, January 31, 2011

1 Fibs: Crazy

lock me up
throw away the key
kind of bizarro wackadoo--
I enjoy playing checkers with the man on the moon.
(but I refuse to play him at chess because he is a sore looser who likes to cheat)

you loon,
I'm not mad!
maybe a little
peculiar, a tad eccentric
but crazy, I most definitely, am no such thing.
(now excuse me while I give my pet rock a ring to tape all last week's new episodes.)

okay so apparently a "Fib" is meant to be 20 syllables...stopping at the seventh (non-zero) element of the Fibonacci sequence...but i couldn't help adding the next two elements in the sequence...

now technically Fibonacci poems can continue to follow the sequence until you're not sure where one line ends and another line begins.  i think i like the short and sweet kind...

inspiration for tackling this new form came from Inside My Poem Book's Experimenting with Poetry Form:  Fibonacci Poems.

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  1. Lovely ..liked them both.You have done some wonderful ending on the both.Thanks for playing for Fibonacci experiment!