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Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 battle worn fiddle

I can't help but wonder,
what tune does he play?

Is it something soft and sweet
with a melancholy feel?
No one else will play it for him.
His actions do not invoke empathy
when his world finally crashes down.
So does he play his own sympathy tune?

Is it something more even tempo
with a splash of excitement thrown in?
Everyone else thinks him an ominous tune.
His actions are quite normal to him
though there is the occasional lightsaber bout.
So does he play his own theme song?

Or does he play the devil's tune
with its harsh better-than-you-are fiddle beat?
Anything else seems quite out of place.
His actions are meant to entice and lure
the souls of all to the forces of dark.
So does he play his own siren's melody?

Please do tell me,
what tune do you think he plays?

photo by JackAZ

my first thought upon seeing Darth Vader with a fiddle in hand was "the devil went down to Georgia...he was looking for a soul to steal...."  the song continues to play in my head.  but i mean look at him.  doesn't he look ready to do battle with his bow?

inspiration for this poem comes from a One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with JackAZ Photography].


  1. I think he's playing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, or Smells Like Teen Spirit. Just kidding. The Devil Went Down to Georgia does seem like a great choice of songs for his play list. Like how you ask if he plays his own theme song. lol

  2. smiles - i wondered about this as well..think it must be something fast and furious... cool take on the prompt

  3. I think he's playing flight of the bumblebee just because of Tge way he's standing! Either that or he's going to start rocking out on a metallica tune? Great thoughtful prompt!

  4. Yes. He does look ready to do battle with his bow.

    Isn't it wonderful the strange sites, sounds, and events that will stir inspiration. This is a fine response to that site ... Well done...

  5. LOL! The Devil went down to Georgia ...Excellent!... ~.^ Helena
    Thanks for the visit and kind comment...

  6. His siren's melody must surely be Bohemian Rhapsody. Great poem!

  7. He is a beginner. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. :)

    I loved how you just rolled out the questions, let it flow.