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Thursday, January 27, 2011

0 decision averted

She stared at blindly ahead.  Her focus shifting from the door to Maurice's Cafe to the vacant space in between. Mindlessly she unfolded and folded the note that she had long ago memorized.  This is crazy, she thought as a sigh escaped her lips for perhaps the hundredth time today.  She looked down at the note in her hand.  It was hard to fathom that someone could plague her mind this much, and without having experienced his touch.  Staring blindly at the words on the note she tried fruitlessly to figure out what it was about him.  Maybe it was a simple as the fact that he genuinely seemed to want to get to know her.  Most people just wanted what her touch could offer; and were disappointed by the experience.  She didn't want to disappoint him.  The idea that she might pulled at her chest.

This is crazy, she thought again and tucked the crinkled note into the pocket of her jeans.  She placed both hands on the steering wheel trying to ground herself, maybe getting ready to start the car up and leave as she aught to, and maybe fortifying herself as she summoned the nerve to open the door and make her way across the street to the cafe.  Just as her eyes closed, a knock startled her out of whatever decision she was going to make.  She glanced across the passenger seat to find James smiling at her through the window.  He raised his brows and glanced at the window.  She barely hesitated before pressing the button.  Her breath seemed caught in anticipation as the window slowly lowered.

"Hey," he said as the window finally touched down.  "Coming in," he asked as he nodded ever so slightly to Maurice's.  "Or you going to sit here a while longer in debate?"

Her breath finally came back to her with a little laugh and a smile that seemed so less scarce when he was around.  "I haven't decided yet."

Jaycie watched him nodded in understanding.  His gaze turned to the ground outside the door, as he contemplated her words.  A pang of loss poked her at the loss of his stare.  He shrugged and then extended his arm through the window and across the passenger seat toward her.  "Coffee?"

She looked from the cup he offered to him and back again.  "Thank you," she said as her hand rose to take the cup from him.  Her gloved fingers lingered ever so slightly as they brushed against his on the coffee cup.

He raised his own coffee, "cheers."  She smiled and drank in the warm liquid as he did the same.  As the cup pulled away from his lips, he glanced down as the passenger seat and raised he brows questioningly.  "Do you mind?"

She unlocked the door in respond than watched as he folded himself into the seat next to her.

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