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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 Assaulting Colors

colors seem to be following me
this morning I woke to a pink sky
greeting me like a breathless sigh
this evening I fell asleep with an orange moon
soothing me like a gentle tune
and in the in-between
colors flare to life
piercing my sights like a rusty knife
they blaze strong and bright
stopping me in my tracks like a red light
i watch blue seep forth
draining the heart of all the hurt
until it was dry like a desert
i catch green peeking out
driving a wedge between friends
that needs to be cut away like split ends
i find red surge forth
dragging the good down a path
lethally toxic like a god's wrath
colors seem to be following me
this morning i woke to a pink sky
that whispered peace like an easy lie
this evening I fell asleep with an orange moon
that laughed at me like a crazy loon
and in the in-between
colors flared to life
assaulting me like an ugly strife
they blazed strong and bright
haunting me like someone with a second sight

i think i pushed the limits a bit with this one as far as fitting the theme for Poetic Asides' Wednesday Prompt of 'burn'.  

this tasty morsel was a direct result of my first pom seed.  i had thought it might join with my fourth pom seed, but in the end it joined forces with a newer pom seed:  "colors seem to be following me; this morning I woke to...; this evening I fell asleep with...; and in the in-between..."

i think i'm enjoying this whole pom seed concept...thank you to Poetic Asides' guest post by Sage Cohen and her acorns...


  1. nice...i like the personification of the colors...them stalking you through out the day...

  2. Nice piece, can feel the colors pulling, highlighting the moments throughout the day.

  3. Wowwww.... I like how beautifully you've shown 2 sides to the same set of colors!! The progression was simply amazing!!
    Very cleverly and carefully done... superb!
    "piercing my sights like a rusty knife" -- LOVED the intensity in this line.. whheew!
    What a polychromatic one shot... too good!

  4. I enjoyed the way you have painted with colors.. and full of evocative images.. I liked it very much..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya