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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

0 Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean

(Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean where...)

Words poured from their lips
invoking emotions within those around them
love and joy
sadness and despair
anger and frustration
hope and peace

(Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean where...)

An array of feeling flooded the room
using only a few simple tools
the timbre in their voice
the imagery of their words
the passion in their heart

(Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean where...)

As a single voice takes hold
breaking through the surface into everyone's core
smiles pierce lips
tears escape
teeth gnash
laughter sparks

(Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean where...)

Carefully structured verses penetrate
provoking thought about one's own self
use of metaphors
incorporation of similes
employment of symbolism
exploitation of repetition

(Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean where...)

As the last word resounds
snapping of finger chorus throughout
showing appreciation
echoing shared sentiment
expressing new found feelings
releasing built up emotions

Welcome to the Cocoa-Bean

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