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Sunday, January 17, 2010

0 finding its way back

Koriel's gaze was caught by the golden pendent as he twirled it between his fingers. For a moment she seemed entranced by the small ball. Her mind wandered back in time to when she was a small child. The pendent had once been her favorite toy. Having been a present from her grandmother meant to help her focus her gift, she had spent much time walking and throwing the small ball into the air. Her grandmother had taught her how to lift the ball out of her hand, hover in the air, and then return all without the actual act of tossing it with her hand. It had taken her quite some time to master, but eventually she had become a quite apt. For a moment she could actually picture her grandmother standing there in front of with elation as she performed the task with ease.

Slowly she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze. "Would you like it back? Or would you prefer I put it back into the river where it came from?" Unable to find her words, Koriel lifted her hand in response. She watched as he clasped the ball in his hand as though he were going to keep it. He shook his head, "I don't know. You just tossed it aside like it meant nothing to you. Yet I can see in your eyes that is far from the truth. Accepting this ball back means reclaiming your powers. The last time I saw you, you did not seem so ready to do so."

Taking in a deep slow breathe, she glanced back down at his hand. He slowly opened it. "It's yours to take." Koriel felt her heart catch at what he implied. She pulled her lip with her teeth, an action she did often when you was uncertain. She wasn't uncertain very often. Glancing briefly at his challenging expression, she felt her resolve solidify. She looked back down at the ball, slowed her breathing until her heart too slowed to create a calm relaxed feeling within her body. Carefully she used her will to pull at the surrounding energies and slowly built them around her. Slowly she pushed the energy toward the small golden toy of her youth. It lifted smoothly into the air and began moving toward her. She stopped it just above the hand she was still holding out in front of her and lowered it until it rested once again in her hand.

Her fingers closed slowly around the ball as she carefully dispersed the energy into the environment and whispered a word of thanks as she always did. It felt good to have her ball back in her hands. His voice broke into her thoughts, "That wasn't so hard was it?"

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