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Friday, December 7, 2012

1 Can I Have This Dance?: Missing Lyrics

Title:  What Makes You Beautiful
Artist:  One Direction
Album:  Up All Night
Genre:  Pop

Missing Lyrics
I'm still waiting
'cause while I hear you
loud and clear
bop my head to music
tap my toe to the rhythm
hum along to your lyrics
the answer never comes.
The ground may not hold
the answers, but it easier
then seeing that word
shine in your eyes when
you look at me.
That look hurts--knowing
I don't see what you see
and so I wait listening
but you never really say,
what makes me beautiful.

Notes:  I'm cutting it close; Friday is almost at an end.  I kind of threw this one together.  I suppose it has potential, but...

1 comment:

  1. well they should...smiles....its hard for many to believe they can be seen that way...and hard to accept and abstract and often misused label as well...nice verse...