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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

11 Top of the List

we wait for death
scythe in hand
the fluid drips
             d r i p s
    d r i p s
sustaining you here
as life slowly drains from your body

will the harvest come soon enough?

we wait for death
for him to finally come
to reap another's soul
your battle for life comes at a cost

we wait for death
if he'll bring you life
or claim your last breath

An Aside:  when I first looked at Three Word Wednesday's selection of words [3WW=>battle, fluid, harvest], I thought about how I might use fluid in terms of "state of mind" as apposed to an actual substance. But there was something about the word harvest that drew me in.  At first I thought I might go a bit twisted, especially after my previous post involving a serial killer.  But there are several members of my family who have received kidney transplants (from live donors) over the past 17-ish years.  In a way they were lucky, no one had to die for them to live - that is obviously not always the case.  And so I deviated slightly from my original twisted thought.


  1. its twisted but consciousness as well...people die all the time that others might live...we seldom like to think of it that way...

  2. As a transplant recipient, I so understand the feelings in this. I had a living donor--a coworker, and it scared me so much. In mu novel that evokes the feelings of facing that I wrote: It wasn't death she was afraid of, it was not being able to live." (Winter is Past) Victoria C. Slotto

  3. The shape and play of the word drip is so sharp..the darkness underneath..waiting for relief makes you hold your breath with them..until the end..jae

  4. Many of my patients are very old and indeed wait for death.

  5. When death comes he will find a note saying "Gone away. No forwarding address". I'm not waiting for him!

  6. Oh, I don't wait for death. It can come and find me. I realised a long time ago, this life is all we have o we need to be living it and not keep preparing for a future we may never see.
    When I partner had a liver transplant I saw so many other kidney transplant recipients too, all of them so grateful for another chance to live.
    Loved this. Glad you didn't go the macabre way, this was wonderful.

  7. Harvesting organs--I should have expected such a unique approach from you! Great, strong writing, very memorable take on the prompt.

  8. Great piece. Creative way you approached the topic.

  9. Interesting perspective, which I can see why. Love the format

  10. I like the uncertainty here, and I really like the concrete aspect here too (which i usually don't). Nice work.